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Pregnancy and labour


Various homeopathic remedies can be very effective for all types of situations arising during pregnancy. However, because each pregnancy is highly individualized, and because homeopathic remedies can have powerful effects on mother and child, we are happy to work closely with you during pregnancy and, if possible, labour.
Some people suggest taking certain homeopathic remedies, or combinations of remedies as a standard protocol and for extended lengths of time during pregnancy. We do not advise this practice and encourage mothers to have individualized treatment which is appropriate for them and the unique situations that arise during their pregnancy.
Having said this, there are a few simple remedies that are helpful and safe to use AFTER labour to promote healing and recovery:
- Arnica is an excellent remedy to promote rapid healing of any sort of trauma or injury to soft tissues and muscles. Childbirth is an ideal example of this kind of situation. You don't need to worry about taking Arnica during labour (you'll have plenty else to think about!), but you can begin taking it as soon as practicable afterwards and for up to a week, until things feel like they're comig right.
- Rescue Remedy is ideal to use leading up to and during labour. This Bach Flower remedy is well known for calming effects in any kind of stressful or traumatic situation.
- Hypercal (a combination of Hypericum and Calendula tinctures) can be diluted and applied to any torn membranes that may result from giving birth. (NOTE: make sure you dilute hypercal. Applying neat to sensitive areas will be extremely uncomfortable).

- The use of herbal remedies should, as a rule, be avoided during pregnancy. If you want to use herbs during pregnancy do so only under the guidance of a trained and qualified medical herbalist.

Milk supply: There are several remedies which are very useful for the promotion of milk supply in breastfeeding mothers, or for helping to dry up milk after weaning:

- Urtica urens is very effective in BOTH increasing AND decreasing milk supply. This remedy can be taken 2-3 times daily until desired effect is achieved, at which time dosage should be stopped.

- Lac caninum also has a reputation for increasing scanty milk supply.


- Phytolacca for when breasts are swollen, hard and very sensitive. May be purple. When child nurses, pain goes from nipple all over the body. Cracked nipples.

- Silica for sore, ulcerated nipples, blocked milk ducts, hard stony lumps in breasts.

- Belladonna breasts are heavy, swollen, throbbing, hard and red. Streaks radiate from nipples. May be fever also.


The physician's highest calling, his only calling, is to make sick people healthy - to heal, as it is termed.
Samuel Hahnemann

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