Im Shona. I have 30 years experience with homeopathy as I used it as my first call for acute illness and injury whilst raising a large family, the results were very satisfying, and subsequently I decided to become a Homeopath and have been in practice for 11 years.

As a mother of 9 children I have been well aquainted with the usual raft of childhood illnesses, mumps,measles, chickenpox,croup asthma ear infections,colds and influenza in its myriad forms not to mention the bumps and scrapes and broken bones and concussions that come with such a large family.These were all treated homeopathically were possible,as a result my children have had very little in the way of allopathic Intervention.

Those early years were a good training ground for me as an acute prescriber and stand me in good stead as a Homeopath.My interest is in Family health, and what constitutes Good Health and Well Being in the individual.

The practice of homeopathy is always about finding the right remedy for your client, this normally entails an in depth consultation where the client tells his or her story in there own words and at the end or during the Homeopath asks a few questions, the information is then used to make an analysis and the remedy is selected.


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